invest in mutual funds: Are you an investor who needs tested and trusted platforms to invest in mutual funds? Croft financial curated this article to assist and guide you in your search.

What are mutual funds? 

Are you looking to create a diversified investment portfolio without stress and extra cost? The ultimate answer is Mutual Funds. A mutual fund is an investment vehicle managed by professional money managers that pools the funds of investors together to invest in securities like bonds or stocks.

By the time you invest in mutual funds, you have the opportunity to invest in diverse asset classes. Professional money managers help you create a structured and diverse portfolio that is in tune with your investment goals.

The amount of money required to invest in mutual funds varies depending on the broker. However, most brokers require a minimum of $2500 to $3500. After the first payment, you may be required to pay smaller amounts at scheduled intervals to continue buying into the fund. If you’re buying funds within a 401(K), those minimums can be abandoned, thereby permitting you to deposit any amount.

After deciding to invest in mutual funds and clearly understanding what it means, the next step is to find the right broker. With the right mutual fund broker, you can make safer investments depending on your risk levels. However, every broker has its policy, and you might not agree with some of them. That is why the list below is perfect for serving as a guide in your search for the best broker.


TD Ameritrade is famous for offering its customers a wide range of no transaction fee mutual funds. The brokerage has a broker’s screening tool that allows investors to scan through several mutual funds to make selection easy. This way, investors can select the mutual funds with the most potentials without any hassle. Each page offers comprehensive and updated details of the funds that include their data across multiple periods, top holdings, and other important information. The platform is user-friendly and interactive in its entirety.


Vanguard is a very popular brokerage, mostly known for its impeccable services, index investing, and versatile options. The platform offers over 16,000 mutual funds, of which 130 vanguard mutual funds can be purchased without transaction fees. Vanguard also provides its investors with over 3,000 no-transaction-fee mutual funds for non-vanguard mutual funds. For funds that do not fall in any of the categories explained above, you’ll be required to pay a fee that ranges between $8-$20 per trade. As an incentive, Vanguard offers 25 no-fee trades to its investors with over $1 million in Vanguard funds.

invest in mutual funds

invest in mutual funds

Invest in mutual funds

Ally invest

Ally invest is well-known for its versatility. It offers its investors access to over 10,000 mutual funds. It doesn’t provide any no-transaction-fee funds, but its transaction-free is very affordable. At a flat rate of $9.95, you can buy and sell no-load mutual funds. The minimum amount required to buy and sell funds with sales can be as little as $0. Ally Invest doesn’t have branches, but its online platform serves investors perfectly. The online platform is straightforward to navigate, and it doesn’t require any third-party assistance.

Charles Schwab 

Charles Schwab is popular amongst investors because of its no transaction fees policy. Most investors are usually discouraged from investing when they see the cost of transaction fees, and that is why Charles Schwab is called the brokerage for the people.

Charles Schwab is not as versatile as some other platforms, but it offers over 5,000, and most of them are transaction fee-free. The platform is also easy to use and is best for new investors.

Interactive brokers

Interactive brokers is not as popular as the other platforms on the list, but they offer customers some of the best offerings. It is a customer-oriented platform that intentionally ensures that its investors receive massive gains. Interactive Brokers offers a wide range of financial securities at low prices. Location is not a barrier when you use interactive brokers, as you can invest in mutual funds from over 135 global markets. Also, Interactive brokers offer options, futures, Forex, and fund trading without requesting commission fees from investors.


Always take your time to search for the right broker to help you reach your investment goals while considering your risk levels. You will at least find one platform that will serve you properly in your search. The platforms listed above are a good start and some of the best brokers out there. The ball is in your court now to make the decision that best suits you. For more information on investment options and creating an investment portfolio, visit Croft financials.

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