REDDIT STOCKS TO WATCH FOR 2022: In 2021, a lot of lessons concerning investments were learned. For most investors, what rescued them from the periodic turmoil in the exchange market is that their investment portfolio is diversified. To diversify your investment portfolio, you have to constantly look for new asset classes with the potentials for massive returns (either slow-paced or fast-paced. An asset class that dominated the market in 2021 is Reddit stocks, and it doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon.

Reddit stocks were at the forefront of the meme stock phenomenon in 2021. The phenomenon started on the WallStreetBets Reddit message board, where retail investors congregated. Collectively, they decided to increase the value of some of the popularly shorted stocks on Wall Street by taking on professional short-sellers. Soon, a new approach to investing was birthed, and lucky people significantly benefited.

Some of the stocks that shot up in value have since returned to their former low prices, but not Reddit stocks. Most Reddit stocks have continued to soar above other stocks, which has drawn even more attention. In this vein, you must take advantage of this opportunity and invest in Reddit stocks. Some of the Reddit Stocks to watch out for in 2022 are discussed below.




Over the last 12 months, AMC stocks have gone up to over 1000%. This has made it one of the top performers and most sought-after stock in the meme crowd. AMC’s growth is pretty impressive because, at the beginning of 2021, the value of AMC was a little bit above $2 and has soared since then to $22.80. it is also another Reddit stock that has its subreddit.

The primary reason for the exponential increase of AMC is the surge in stock price. Through the Reddit stock, AMC has made several upgrades to its struggling theater business. AMC is taking conscious steps to stay afloat. Last year, they released a limited NFT series, started accepting payment for tickets in cryptocurrencies, and launched an investor connect program. With these innovations, the value of AMC stocks is only expected to increase in 2022.

GameStop (NYSE: GME)

GameStop is a video game company that operates brick-and-mortar. GameStop is the meme stock that started the “Reddit stocks” phenomenon. According to financial analysts, it is considered one of the best Reddit stocks to buy. Like AMC, GameStop also has a subreddit with over 350,000 users. GME increased in value because investors realized that GameStop had potentials. Recently, the company employed a new manager, Ryan Cohen, to improve GameStop’s eCommerce offerings. With conscious attempts to change their business model, GameStop is envisaged to reach greater heights in the New Year.

Avis Budget Group (NASDAQ: CAR)

Avis Budget Group is a car rental company, and it might seem strange to be part of Reddit stocks, but that didn’t stop retail investors from investing in the company. In the past year, retail investors have pumped so many funds into the company that their share price increased exponentially.

During the upsurge in the value of most of the Reddit stocks in 2021, CAR stocks were not left out. The value of CAR stock increased from $36 to $545.11, which is over a 1000% increase in gains. Currently, the share price is $200 and has gone up 454% higher than its previous value in January 2021. Because of the overperformance of Car stocks in 2021, financial analysts have predicted that much more can be expected from the stock in 2022.

Upstart Holdings (NASDAQ: UPST)

Upstart Holdings is not as popular as the other companies on this list. It is a company that determines the creditworthiness of its clients by using an online platform and traditional variables such as education and employment. They share their findings with banks and loan sharks for use in their consumer loan department. Like Avis Budget Group, the weird nature of the company did not stop retail investors from investing in Upstart Holdings.

The value of USPT stocks soared in 2021 but still crashed at a point. Notwithstanding, the stock still trades at $122 per share, which is $152 higher than its value 12 months ago. Because of the significant increase in its value, financial analysts have also listed it as a Reddit stock to watch in 2022.

Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA)

Tesla is valued at over $1 trillion. It is one of the most popular Reddit stocks on Reddit. The popularity of Tesla can be attributed to its CEO, Elon Musk. Tesla is an incredible product and is one of the best automobile brands. Because people keep patronizing the brand, the value of the TSLA stock has soared over the years.

Recently, TSLA was valued higher than the next 11 automakers. Even during the pandemic, TSLA continued to increase in value as Tesla recorded a whooping sum of $31.54 billion as annual revenue and a net income of $721 million. In 2021, the post-pandemic era, Tesla stocks went up by 50% and have been up for over 3000% in the past five years.


It is essential for investors to understand that the information contained in this article are predictions. Croft financial will be in no way responsible for any loss accrued if investors decide to invest in any of the Reddit stocks mentioned above. Before investing in Reddit stocks, ensure to consider your risk tolerance level and research the market’s current position.

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