HOW TO CREATE A REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PLAN: Nowadays, several investment options exist, but very few yield reasonable profits. If you are new to the investment space and need an investment option that can build your wealth consistently, you might want to consider real estate investments. 

Real estate investing is the process of purchasing and managing landed properties to use them as an investment vehicle to generate gains rather than for a residence. Investing in real estate is not all glamorous as it comes with its own risk. That is why it is essential for new real estate investors to have a plan.

Planning is crucial to having a successful investment that would boost your income. As you must have heard the famous saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” With a well-crafted plan, even new real estate investors can subvert all the risks. However, you have to remember that creating the plan is one thing, and implementing it is another. Hence, you must be intentional about your plans and stick to them.

When creating a real estate investment plan, the factors to consider are discussed below.

Set your goals

The first thing you need to do when creating your real estate investment plan is to set realistic goals. By setting your goals, you become prepared to face any obstacle that might come your way as you embark on your investment journey. Goals keep your focus on only the important things because there might be distractions along the way. Hence, write down or detail all you want to achieve by investing in real estate. Consider your risk tolerance level as you write your goals and then invest at your convenience and pace.

Create an investment strategy

Another reason why real estate is a smart choice for investment is that it is available in several flavors. Yes! There are several ways to make money from real estate. Hence, you need to select the most suitable option for your goals. It could be rental, flipping, or even REITs; whichever one you choose should help you accomplish your financial goals. Also, before selecting the aspect of real estate that you want to invest in, research it. Research helps give you a clear understanding of what you are about to venture into.

Put a timeframe for achieving your investment goals

Put a time stamp on each investment goal you have set out for yourself and work towards the scheduled time. Timing your investment goals is not a way to put pressure on you. Instead, it increases your level of motivation and gives you the courage to actualize your goals without relenting.



Study the real estate market

The real estate market might look easy to venture into from the outside, but it isn’t, which misleads most investors. The real estate investors that have made robust gains could do so because they studied and understood the market.

After selecting the particular real estate area you want to invest in, you have to study it. For example, if you choose house flipping, you might want to consider the property’s location first. Some studies have shown that flipping houses in dangerous areas are difficult because of hoodlums and other social vices. Apart from the location, other factors you should consider before purchasing a property include the house’s size, age of the house, the potential for future projects, and costs. By considering these factors, you become able to pick a property that will earn you what you projected.

Fund your real estate purchase

You might have followed through with all the steps mentioned above, but you cannot bring them to fruition without funding. Fortunately, there are several funding options to consider. These options include crowdfunding, equity financing, personal savings, and bank loans. Bank loans and personal savings are usually the best ideas.


The process involved in creating an investment plan might seem strenuous, but it is always worth it in the end. Follow the process step by step and develop the perfect real estate investment plan. Always deliberate and critically analyze all your options before deciding. Never go head in first; test the waters before you proceed and ask questions. Contact croft financials for more information on real estate and other investment options.


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