INVESTMENT COMPANIES AND WHAT THEY DO: Before now, investment companies were very few because not many people wanted to invest. But now, more people are becoming aware of the power of having investments and gaining financial freedom. In this vein, several investment companies have been established to serve their purposes.

Investment companies are corporations or trusts created with the primary purpose of pooling the capital of investors and investing the funds in financial securities. The financial securities may be an asset class that involves stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, Forex, real estate, etc. Investment companies do more than invest for their clients; they also manage funds and investment portfolios, keep records, and offer custodial, legal, and tax management services.

There are several investment companies out there today with different functions. However, these investment companies fall under the three major categories of investment companies. To understand investment companies and how they operate, you must first understand the functions of each type. Hence, the three main categories of investment companies are discussed below.




Open-end investment companies

 Open-end investment companies are also called mutual funds. Most people are unaware that whenever they invest in a 401(k), they have already invested in at least one mutual fund without their knowledge.

An open-end investment company is a type of company that pools the funds of several investors intending to invest funds into financial securities. The financial securities the company invests in might be stocks, bonds, real estate, or cryptocurrency. Professional financial managers run the company. These managers decide what financial securities to invest in by carrying out a critical economic analysis of the exchange market.

The companies usually have their guidelines and goals for each investor embedded in a prospectus. The financial managers are also burdened with ensuring that all the investors meet their financial goals by making some decisions. For example, the financial manager might decide to switch out stocks depending on available opportunities.

Closed-end investment companies 

Close-end investment companies are also a type of mutual fund. It is similar to open-end investment companies in several ways. One such similarity is in the way they operate. In closed-end investment companies, investors’ funds are also pooled together and invested in different financial assets or equities. Also, the funds are managed by a financial manager or fund manager.

However, while open-end investment companies offer a limitless amount of shares, a closed-end investment company only provides a fixed number of shares. For this reason, they only issue out a single IPO to raise capital and accommodate a limited number of investors. Closed-end investment companies are stringent in the way they operate and only used for the purposes they were established.

Unit investment trust (UIT)

Unit investment trust companies are dissimilar to mutual funds in every way. A unit investment trust is a type of Investment Company that offers all its investors fixed portfolios of financial securities for a specified period. If, as an investor, you are looking for a company to hold your investments for a longer period, then you should consider a unit investment trust. The main aim of the company is to provide capital appreciation or dividend income for investors.

These types of investment companies also require low initial investment. Trades are not placed in a secondary market when investing in UIT; rather, UITs are sold by fund managers and redeemed by owners to the trust.


Most individuals intend to invest but don’t know how to get started. The simple solution is an investment company. An investment company absolves you of the stress of researching asset classes to determine the best investment option. They try their best to ensure that all your investment goals are reached and boost your investment portfolio.

The only research you are required to do as an investor is on the suitable investment company to help you achieve your goals. Investing in the wrong company can impair your goals and destabilize your investment portfolio. Hence, ask questions when necessary and do research—kindly visit croft financials for more information about investment options and their requirements.


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